Nettoyage Dentaire: Obesity And Gum Problems: Is One Caused By The Other?

Obesity has always been found to be one of the most pressing problems that people all over the world is facing. Such condition has become somewhat like a disease in itself because it causes people to develop other life-threatening diseases like a heart problem or even type 2 diabetes. But then again, obesity doesn’t seem to stop making people’s lives more difficult because Nettoyage Dentaire St. Jerome said that obesity has also been found to cause gum disease.

Being overweight can change a person’s life in more ways than they wished it would and today, people have to embrace more than just a heart problem or diabetes. St. Jerome dentist and other dental professionals are now suspecting a link between obesity and the development of gum problems. The body of those obese individuals produce more cytokines which are proteins with inflammatory properties  Nettoyage Dentaire.

Overproduction of these cytokines can directly invjure the gum tissue if not reduce the flow of blood into the gum tissue causing it to get irritated easily. Since it has weakened the gums, one could only expect the development of gum disease. Such simple diseases can put the overall oral health problems  Nettoyage Dentaire.

When it comes to dental health, people often focus on taking care of their teeth not minding that the gums surrounding each one can be more delicate. When a person is suffering from a gum disease, the inflammatory infection could cause the impaction of the surrounding structures that support the teeth. Once the gum disease sets it, it produces in itself more cytokines thus further increasing its level in the body. Because of this, a simple gum problem could worsen causing the entire body to be inflamed.

Now, people have more reasons to lose weight. More than its aesthetic benefits, people can also enjoy a healthier oral health.

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